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Advocate Prateek & Associates provides you with helpful Family Law information to use at your own discretion. We provide a Free Case Evaluation which is performed by highly experienced family lawyers of Delhi, free of cost with no obligation. By using qualified advice from our skilled divorce lawyers in Delhi NCR, you can then make decisions based on your own circumstances. Our goal at is to get you started in the right direction by providing information and qualified advice from our most experienced Divorce Lawyers in Delhi.

Divorce Lawyers at  have required skills and experienced to give seamless legal services and advice to clients on complex Legal Family matters. Here each and every assignment is given due time and attention to produce the best possible solution for the client within the framework of law. 

Our mission is to make the whole divorce process in Delhi for you as simple as possible. We want to help you go through your divorce as quickly and as effortlessly as possible, so that you can put your mind at ease and resume your life. Thanks to our online divorce forms system, everything you need is just a click away. We minimize the legal work for you and you get your Divorce decrees delivered at home. specializes in Family Court Cases in Delhi including Mutual Divorce, Contested Divorce, Child Custody, NRI Divorce, Divorce Paper Drafting, Divorce Counselling and has successfully solved many cases, with a growing number of satisfied customers in Delhi and NCR

Legal Community Services

We take complete pride when it comes to participate in Community Services. We love to give our share towards a healthier and happier society. At, we perform community services in various ways

Free Legal Consultation

Legal Consultation, in simple words, is about a healthy conversation between client and lawyer. While many other law firms charge a consultation fee, we don’t. Our Law firm offers first free consultation on any divorce matters. During the first legal consultation, we try to understand your problems & come up with the best legal solution for the same.

Pro Bono

Pro Bono publico is a Latin phrase for professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment. From time to time, our law firm offers services to those who are in need of help but can’t afford to pay the fees. The idea behind pro-bono service is to make sure that every individual access there legal and civic right.

Environment Friendly

Planet Earth is our home. It is our responsibility to protect it and even a little effort counts. At our law firm, our day-to-day operations are performed using the sophisticated technology specially designed to save the consumption of papers. We also use Eco-friendly materials in our company. Afterall creating a safe and clean earth is our priority.

Areas of Practices

In its most general sense, the practice of law involves giving legal advice to clients, drafting legal documents for clients, and representing clients in legal negotiations and court proceedings such as lawsuits.

mutual divorce lawyers in delhi ncr

Mutual Divorce

Mutual Divorce is one of the most efficient ways to get divorced in Delhi NCR, India.

contested divorce lawyers in delhi

Contested Divorce

Our Law Firm is Delhi NCR’s most promising Law Firm, specialised in Contested Divorce

best child custody lawyers in delhi

Child Custody

Experienced Child Custody Lawyers to offer you best legal solution for your family matter

top lawyers for domestic violence

Domestic Violence

Hire an expereinced delhi based lawyer in concerning matter like Domestic Violence in family

send legal notice by top lawyers

Send Legal Notice

Any person who has faced some legal issue can send a legal notice through our top lawyers.

best nri divorce lawyer

NRI Divorce

We have a team of professional Divorce Lawyers expert in NRI Divorce matters in Delhi

Family Courts in Delhi

There are six District Court complexes in Delhi and each complex has 1 to 4 Family Courts.