help your loved ones during divorcd

Help your loved ones during Divorce

What can we do to support those closest to us as they fall out of love? Perhaps the most important thing is to ask them exactly that- to sit and listen and ask them just what they need from you right now.  But there is every chance they won’t be able to answer you and so, if that is the case here are 3 things that you can do to help them through –

Listen without being judgemental
Simply be there for them, listen to them as sometimes all they need is someone who, for once, listens to them. There is a good chance you will want to share your thoughts or that your loved one will ask for them.  But try and avoid judgment and instead focus on acknowledging the emotions they feel.  This will help them to feel someone is ‘by their side’.

Help them find the right information
Divorce is one of those times in life when everyone around you is suddenly an expert! Sadly though, that expertise is usually as a result of their own direct experience of divorce. You can help your loved one by making sure that the information and advice they are receiving is from the best source for them.

Help find the Silver Lining
During divorce, it will be really difficult for your loved one to find the ‘silver linings’ as chances are their life has turned upside down- their home, relationship, friendships and social circles are probably changing and it may be entirely against their wish and out of their control. 

Often there are few positives to be found at the end of a marriage and so, as a friend, or loved one we can help to create some for the future. 
Go for the simple things- a walk, a coffee, a dinner or night out- just something that your loved one can look forward to- a silver lining to help get them through the tough times.

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