There are 2 types of Divorce

    1. Mutual Divorce – In Mutual Divorce, both spouse are mutually agreed upon divorce settlement terms like Division of property, Child custody, Alimony etc. and simply looking for legal separation without any fight or dispute.
    2. Contested Divorce – Contested divorce is also known as one-sided divorce which is just the opposite of Mutual divorce. Contested divorce is a very time-consuming and complexed process, requires highly experienced contested divorce lawyer to represent the case.
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Filing for Divorce in India

When it comes to filing for divorce in India, it is always recommended to hire a lawyer for your case. One can find multiple law firms in every city but choosing the right law firm is a challenge. Afterall hiring the best legal representation determines the fate of the case.

Divorce Lawer in Delhi is India’s most promising Law Firm which works in the most proficient and transparent way. While other law firms ask you to visit their office for every step of the procsss, our Law firm get it all done for you online. We have a team of some of the most experienced Divorce Lawyers determined to provide you best legal representation throughout the divorce process.

File for Mutual Divorce in 4 simple steps

Fill-out the Divorce form – The first step to apply for Mutual divorce is to fill the Online Divorce Form. You’ll be required to submit info related to Marriage details, Personal details, Your Spouse details, Divorce terms.

Submit your documents – Once the form is filled out and received, you’d be requested to share the documents with us

Review Case File – Upon receiving the documents, a divorce lawyer gets assigned to your case. He will prepare and send you a Legal Draft for review. If any changes are required in the legal draft, you can highlight them to your divorce lawyer

Court Hearing – By now the case has already been filed in the family court and at this stage Court Hearing will take place. Court hearing can be attended either online or by physically going to the family court, depending upon the city where the case is being filed.
For example – In Delhi and Bangalore, the court hearing is completely online via Video Call whereas in Gurgaon you’ll be still required to visit the family court twice.

Documents required for Mutual Divorce

  • Marriage Cards or Marriage Certificate
  • Two Joint Marriage Photograph
  • Two Passport Size photographs of both parties
  • Adhaar Card and/or any other current address proof of both parties

How much does Mutual Divorce cost?

  • Rs. 10,000 advance for drafting
  • Rs. 10,000 at the time of passing of first motion
  • Rs. 10,000 at the time of passing of second motion
  • Rs. 10,000 at the time of handing out the Divorce Decree

Our fee structure is transparent, systematic and cost effective. The total cost incurred in Mutual Divorce is Rs 40,000 (inclusive of all). Instead of charging the entire fee at once, client only pays in 4 installment.

Currently our Law Firm is operating in the family courts of Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai. 

If you’re considering to apply for mutual divorce or want to consult your case with an expert family lawyer, kindly GET IN TOUCH with us.
Be assured your case will be handled by expert mutual divorce lawyers of India.

File Contested Divorce in India

Filing for Contested divorce is different from Mutual Divorce. Here divorce proceeding takes much longer to complete and typically involve greater stress and increased legal fees.

The first step towards initiating such divorce is to get in touch with a Contested divorce lawyer and discuss your case in detail.

Duration to complete the divorce process in India – While Mutual Divorce process takes between 1 to 6 month, the time frame for Contested Divorce is uncertain. It may take from months to years depending upon the gravity of the case.

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