Send Legal Notice to Spouse

A well drafted legal notice gives a clear message to your spouse of the terms you wanted him/her to agree upon. Please note for any grave issues like physical abuse, dowry etc.; it’s advisable to inform the Police Authorities immediately.

For matrimonial issues like below, sending a Legal Notice can be the first step

  • Pursuing your spouse to go for marriage counselling;
  • Pursuing your spouse for mutual divorce;
  • Pursuing a litigation for child custody;
  • Pursuing a litigation for maintenance;
  • Pursuing your spouse for Restitution of Conjugal Rights; etc.

Sending a Legal Notice is a formal way of letting your spouse know that you wish to end the marriage. Legal notice can be sent for Mutual Divorce as well as Contested Divorce.

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Draft a Legal Notice from best Divorce Lawyers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Legal Notice?

Legal notice is sort of a warning to whom it is sent. It is the notice to the person i.e. making someone aware of the things he/she might not be aware of.

Its states a wrong/mistake one may have committed and also the legal penalty/amount that you would be subjected to if the sender of the legal notice resorts to litigation

If my concern is resolved after sending a Legal Notice, will you charge me for that?

Absolutely not, whatever legal relief you get through our notice is not chargeable. Our fee is limited only to the fee charged initially.

What if nothing happens after sending the legal notice?

In that case you will need to contact a local lawyer and provide him a copy of this notice sent.

Will I get the copy of the notice?

Yes, you will receive the copy of your notice.

Is it mandatory to send a Legal Notice?

Legal Notice drafted by a professional lawyer adds a strong foundation to your case if, in future, you decide to take it to the court.

What details should you provide to us?

Few key points to remember while sharing your details with the lawyer for drafting Legal Notice.

  • The legal notice must be addressed to the person or company who has caused you the grievance. Hence his complete address must be provided to us.
  • You must provide all the relevant details relating to the names of people involved, their address, contact information, grievance caused, date and time when the grievance was caused, previous attempts of contacting the person or company for resolving the dispute, and any document or evidence in relation with the grievance.
  • The legal notice is drafted on the lawyer’s letterhead, signed by the lawyer who has drafted the legal notice and then sent the same to you.
  • In most of the cases, sending a legal notice solves the grievance as it is found that a legal notice has prompted a person or company to take immediate action within the time limit provided(usually 15-30 days), without the necessity to take the matter to the court.